Our New Zealand wool, renowned for its purity of colour, is dyed in house with contract quality dyes to the highest standards ensuring top light and colour-fastness. 
It is also inherently insulating, thus preventing heat loss and reducing noise levels in the home and office environment. 
Our pure Wool rugs’ capacity to resist dirt, easy-to-clean nature and shape retaining qualities, ensures a long lasting, robust flooring solution.



Our Moon range is produced with 'Botanical Silk', a eucalyptus fibre sourced in the EU and is of outstanding quality. This fibre is produced by a highly sustainable ecological process resulting in a 100% biodegradable material. 
It‘s smooth surface has high moisture absorbency and low abrasion properties. Our Moon rugs boast extremely high comfort levels and are characterised by their silky feel and luxurious finish. Moon is naturally anti-allergic, anti-static and moth-proofed. 



Flax rugs are made with 100% Italian linen, a natural fibre of the highest quality and renowned for its impressive durability. It does not soil easily, remains colourfast and is very soft to the touch. It is anti-static and moth-proofed. Flax has an understated elegance with a subtle sheen and offers outstanding comfort levels.